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today on a big news day because right now that storm i blowing through the outer banks. hurricane earl lashing north carolina right now already being felt in virginia and our own janice dean has the very latest for us tracking the storm. >> and b.p. says it may have to stop paying for the damage in the gulf. get this, the company is blaming president obama. we're gonna tell you why. >> hold on for it. wait for it. jerry lewis wants to smack a woman. >> no way! >> smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman. >> what would you say to her? >> i would say you deserve this and nothing else, whack! >> wow! lady! >> i'm gonna slap you. who is he so angry about? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> lady! >> good morning, everyone were
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it is now the 6:00 hour on the east coast here and we're tracking this big, huge storm. brian and steve both off today. we have peter johnson jr. and mike is back. we haven't seen each other for so long. we see each other but not work together. >> it's been three or four years. we see each other in the building. >> sometime in the show, i'm going to share a secret about you. there's many but i'm going to share one. in the meantime, we have a fox news weather alert, right? that's why we're all here today bright and early because hurricane earl has made landfall drenching north carolina. downgraded though to a category 2 storm but still packing winds up to 105 miles per hour. we have live team coverage. we'll start with rick leventhal live in new york and jeff in nags head, north carolina but first start with janice dean in our extreme weather center. >> can i just say that most women around here have secrets about mike? >> no kidding! >> moving on, let's take a
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look. we have earl. we have fiona and we have what was gaston but that could actually regenerate. another way of coming off the coast of africa so we're into peak hurricane season, guys. we'll watch earl. good-bye, earl, great thing the next couple of hours but right now, still packing winds of 105 miles an hour moving north-northeast at 18. the good news is the center of the storm stayed largely off shore. so they are still getting tropical storm force winds, still getting a storm surge and still getting heavy rain but it's not the worst case scenario that we're so thankful for. there's the path at 5:00 a.m. new update at 8:00. give us the updates on the storm. remaining well off shore. still going to feel tropical force winds possible on the eastern coast of long island and up towards cape cod and the islands you still have a hurricane warning so we could see the potential for hurricane-force winds for you. just a quick look at your future
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radar as we go further out in time. there's the storm right now moving up the coast and just east of long island. we're still gonna feel some rain bands, though, but the worst of the storm will remain off shore and then as it moves closer to eastern massachusetts, still could see a couple of inches of rain, tropical storm force winds most certainly and some storm surge so we're not done with the storm yet but the good news is looks like it's not going to be that worst case scenario that we were all fearing. gretchen, mike, peter, back to you. >> all right. mike's speechless. he's wondering what your secret is. >> i'm very scared about janice's secret. >> we love mike so much. such a pleasure to see you. >> great to see you. >> very true. let's head out to rick leventhal who we also love. he's in montauk, new york where the storm will be moving on in. what's the conditions on the beach there, rick? >> i want to show you the most beautiful conditions we've seen so far out here. look at that sky! it's just turned pink and red. it was a little blue earlier and
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look at that! i mean, it's just so dramatic. and i haven't seen anything like this in a long time and it's usually when you see a red sky or a pink sky like that, it usually signals the oncoming of a big storm. and, you know, fortunately for montauk on the east end, we're not expecting to get a direct hit as janice has pointed out. they are saying sometime later today, maybe 12 hours from now, they're going to be getting 50, maybe 55-mile-an-hour winds, maybe more. maybe one to two three inches on the east end. could have some local flooding, could have some issues with power outages and trees down and they have actually stopped the running of two train lines of long island railroad very close to west hampton, about 50 miles from the east end here in montauk, stopped the running of those trains for the rest of the day because they're concerned about possible trees down and power outages and issues with those trains. beyond that, they're not worried -- that worried because the storm has veered off to the east so that's the good news.
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>> what's the red sky at morning sailor take warning, is that what it is>> can you even get in the water there, rick? >> we just got swamped. i don't know if you can tell, the waves, you know, we're near high tide so the water has been coming up and catching us off guard. it's no joke. we can't get in the water because the undertow is so strong. that's the biggest concern for officials out here, beaches are closed to swimming. thursday was a beautiful day. sunny. but the waves were really churning and all the beaches were closed and they don't have enough lifeguards to protect all these beaches. they have maybe 2% of the 17 miles of beaches in the east hampton township actually covered by guards. they're trying to get the word out. don't go in the water, it's too dangerous. people could die out there. >> there haven't been any evacuations at all at this point. what we're looking at, i guess, really is kind of a nor'easter at this point. i mean, not as bad as it could have been but still a significant storm. >> right. and there's still the potential
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for some regional not evacuations but the need to move some people if they are locked in an area because of floodwaters or left without power for too long and they do have shelters on standby so if there are people who have needs because of the weather conditions and because of the potential fallout from this storm that they will -- they will open some of those shelters. dozens of them standing by but they probably won't need them. there still is a chance, as i mentioned, peter, because of the rough conditions for some power outages so obviously, officials keeping an eye on that and they do have 1600 power workers that they brought in from out of state along with hundreds of trucks and extra equipment standing by in a staging area in case they lose power so as soon as the storm moves through, they can get the power back on as quickly as possible. >> turn around, view is getting even better. wow, what a shot! >> well, it's less red now and more white as the sun starts to come up here on the east end of long island. beautiful sight and here comes another wave.
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>> that's what they call a beauty shot with rick in there, too. hurricane earl starting to climb up the east coast. people are feeling the effects. beach goers in new york had to stay out of the water because of the dangerous riptides. >> people were going in and getting knocked down just when they were up to their shins really. and the water was coming up and washing out everybody's little blanket area. >> hurricane warning has expanded to massachusetts and a tropical storm warning has been issued for connecticut and rhode island. let's go on to some of the other headlines for a friday because we have another fox news alert. while you were sleeping, four concourses at miami international airport, well, they've just been reopened after a bomb scare. forced an overnight evacuation. right now, a passenger is in custody after screeners found a suspicious item in a checked bag. some 200 people were initially evacuated. >> called the manager and said we needed to evacuate the entire hotel and so we went in and got our cell phones and casually went down. but we didn't know with what we
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were evacuating from, whether it was a package or gunman. >> no details have been released yet about what caused the scare. mexico's army says it has killed 27 suspected gunmen for a drug cartel after a firefight near mexico. the scene of the battle is not far from san fernando where 72 people were gunned down last week. gulf drug cartels are engaged in bloody warfare for control of the drug smuggling routes through that area. is another economic stimulus coming? well, president obama has been huddling with top economic advisors, apparently, to brain storm ways to get the economy moving again before the midterm elections. reports say they're considering ex tending the research and development tax credit as well as boost infrastructure spending. white house has not put a price tag on the latest spending plan. those are your headlines. >> let's talk about b.p., what do you say? of course, b.p. is saying that they need to do some more
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drilling. they need drilling permits. otherwise, they won't be able to make money, you know. >> to pay off all the damages. >> if they don't have money, you can't pay off the mess they created in the gulf. pay off all the damages. what do you think about that? >> does anyone see the irony in all this? the whole thing is the obama administration put a moratorium on drilling in the gulf. b.p. is playing the one card, i think, if you don't let us drill and lift this moratorium, we can't make cash to be able to pay all those people who suffered all the damages. >> it's even going beyond that, gretchen, there's been a bill that's been passed in the house that targets b.p. and says well, you will not be able to get permits on the outer continental shelf to participate in what you've been doing for all these years. and their production accounts for about 20% of the production. >> that's george miller's bill out of california. >> that's correct. so what they're saying is we are
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talking about putting $21 billion up on the line to pay off our debts, it pay off damages and now, you're gonna make it impossible for us to compensate the people that we agreed to compensate by cutting off our livelihood. >> it looks like it's directed right at b.p. because the provision in it says we can't give you a permit to drill if you've had 10 fatalities at one of your platforms or facilities. and what was the fatality rate? it was 11. >> or if you've had fines more than $10 million and the only producer that meets that, as you point out, b.p. >> so what would be the ramifications, though? i mean, so if b.p. says that we cannot raise this cash, would they file for bankruptcy, then? i don't know what the final ramification is. that's always a potential. listen, you want us to fund these obligations. we've agreed to fund these obligations but don't cut off our capacity to work. >> very interesting.
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>> catch 22. >> it's tough. >> we have so much more coming up on the show. we continue to follow the storm as well as this. democrats pushing another stimulus plan on top of record spending already. well, stu varney is next with that potential fallout. hi, stu. >> and he promised to never take money from terrorists but he is a brand new fox investigation into the imam building a mosque near ground zero. makes that allegation. we'll talk to the reporter who broke the story. >> this is a good one. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums
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spending rose a whopping 16% last year and much was spent on entitlements and giveaways to washington and now they're thinking about, what, stuart varney, another stimulus? the great stuart varney is here. is that what they're thinking about, really? >> what do you do when you're facing defeat at the polls, you spent up a storm. you got record deficits and you still have mass unemployment. what do you do? we say we hear you, we feel your pain. we've got a plan. in fact, it's pure politics. and the president, i think, is going to offer a deal. he's going to say -- >> to who? >> the republicans. >> he's going to say we democrats will give you republicans tax breaks for business and a big new package. you will give us more stimulus spending on infrastructure and you will let us tax the rich. >> that's kind of like in my grandparents' household where my grandfather voted democrat and my grandmother voted republican. those cancel each other out, don't they? >> they do. it's daring the republicans to
6:16 am
say no, we're not going for this in which case they can turn around and say the economy's problems are your fault. these are pure politics. >> in reading the press reports this morning, it seems they say we really want to spend money. we're not going to call it a stimulus. but we're not quite sure how we want to spend it. we're talking about tax credits maybe, but they're talking about -- when they're talking about infrastructure, we're talking about huge dollars that they're talking about. >> they're floating a lot of trial balloons. tax credits for research and development for business. maybe a payroll tax holiday where you don't get your social security deducted from your paycheck for a brief period of time. and maybe some other item like infrastructure spending. it's the trial balloons what will fly because the president has to hold this press conference next friday. he's going to be questioned about what he's going to do about the economy. so there's all kinds of ideas floated out there, some kind of package deal will be arranged. >> so i tend to be a cynic. are you saying that kristina
6:17 am
romer is she's on her way out as part of one of his economic advisors and she floated the second stimulus plan, i think. >> she did? >> are you saying they asked her to do that. that was a trial balloon. they said, hey, put that out there. you had robert gibbs, spokesperson for the president said absolutely no second stimulus. >> no, i don't think they said please put this out there. she's part of the chorus on the left that is calling for a big, new stimulus program. everybody -- you're not going to get a big new stimulus program but there's the chance that you'll get a deal. some tax breaks for business in return for more infrastructure spending and taxing the rich. that's the outlines of a deal which i think is going to be presented which i think the republicans will probably reject. it's all politics at this point. it doesn't make for good policy to deal with this economy. we're going to get unemployment numbers today that are going to be bad. >> may we watch you today at 9:20? >> please do. >> on the business channel. thank you. >> jerry lewis is hopping mad.
6:18 am
>> smack her in the mouth, i'd be arrested for abusing a woman. a>> what would you say to her? >> i would say you deserve this and nothing else. whack! >> who is he angry with? find out next. >> and he promised not to take money from terrorists but connect the dots and that is what you might find. the astonishing connection between the developer behind the ground zero mosque and terrorists next. with the reporter who just broke the big story. built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models witan average finance savings around $5,800.
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>> well, you'll want to stay tuned to this because the august job numbers will come out in about two hours from now. unemployment expected to go up for the first time since april with a loss of more than 100,000 jobs. president obama will speak
6:22 am
shortly after those numbers come out. a federal judge overturns nebraska's ban on desecrating the american flag. it clears the way for demonstrators to continue trampling on the flag during protests at military funerals. mike? >> get a load of this one. the developer of the proposed mosque near ground zero claimed he was steering clear of terror groups when it came to funding the project. >> we will not take money from iran. we will not take money from hamas. we will not take money from organizations that have unamerican values. >> however, fox has learned the man who actually bought the mosque has contributed thousands of dollars to a terror group. charles is with us from our fox affiliate here in new york city, fox 5. good to see you. >> thank you. >> be careful out there, all right? break it down for our viewers. who is this guy? >> ok, he is a man that has been linked to the developer of
6:23 am
the mosque in real estate deals. he backed $39 million guarantor for a loan he did in a building in another part of manhattan. >> the chelsea section of the city. ok. >> correct, exactly. we have learned that this man who is an egyptian-born man who lives on long island. he is the money man. he actually put a significant investment into the purchase of the mosque which was paid for with $4.8 million in cash. that's just the tip of the iceberg. now we find out that this man who purchased that mosque had contributed to a terrorist organization back in 1999. >> 1999. is that hlf this>> what is that? holy land foundation for relief and development. this was an organization that was dubbed as a -- the largest muslim charity in the united states. it turns out that the federal government had been investigating hlf since the mid 1990's. and in 2001, it shut down hlf
6:24 am
and declared it to be a terrorist organization because it was funneling money to hamas. which is, of course, an organization which is dedicated to really the destruction of israel by conducting violent jihad. >> so we saw some footage, was that you going after him in his driveway there getting into his s.u.v., if he thinks -- he says he didn't know, correct? >> that's where the money was going. >> but if he didn't know, what's he -- why is he running from you? >> well, first -- well, we first approached him last week in the video that you see here. >> right. >> i hadn't really discovered this yet. essentially i was on the money trail at that point and i was just poking around and at that point, i definitely got the distinct impression that he didn't want to talk to us and he didn't want to even touch this topic so now we've been able to uncover all this additional information, it stands to reason why, perhaps, why he didn't want to talk to us. he is saying through his attorney that i spoke with at length over the last day or so,
6:25 am
that this man thought that he was contributing to an orphanage, presumably somewhere, perhaps, in the west bank. but anybody who -- all the terrorism experts we talked to say anybody who was paying any attention to what was going on in the late 1990's, there were reports all over the place that hlf was suspected of contributing to hamas. >> late 1990's. that's -- remember when egyptair crashed? this guy's parents were on that plane. this is the plane that we believe the pilot did a suicide mission and just drove it into the ocean. >> that was one of the theories. and obviously, it was very intensely personal for this man according to his attorney. it changed his life. >> ok. >> tip of the iceberg on this story. we'll keep watching your report. thank you. ok, u.s.a. cheerleaders ordered to cover themselves up. wear some pants. in a nod to islam? we'll explain that one for you. and 13 workers floating in the gulf after another rig fire. that happened yesterday afternoon. now look closely, the workers
6:26 am
were one life preserver short. so what it they do to save themselves? we'll explain that picture when we come back. and brian kilmeade is putting and putting the finishing touches on his golf swing before a round with former president george w. bush? watch out for brian. he's coming up next. wow. that's gonna be fun, huh? >> happy birthday to al from the beach boys. he's 68? oh, i'm old! funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number? the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2010 is 250 for $349 a month for 36 months
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put it to the test. find your new pantene. >> it's just about a fox news alert because we're tracking hurricane earl all day today for you. it's moving now up the east coast now being felt in virginia, the cat 2 storm, though, weakening but packing winds of 105 miles per hour. north carolina's outer banks have been hit the worst so far and we have live team coverage for you this morning. janice dean starts our coverage in the extreme weather center. hey, j.d. >> hi, gretchen. yes, the good news is the center of this storm, the worst of the winds stayed off shore. so that's the good news. however, we are still seeing tropical storm force winds as well as hurricane force gusts along the coast of north carolina. so there's the storm still a category 2. we have a new advisory coming out at 8:00 and we'll make sure that we bring you the latest advisory but taking a look at the heavier rain as you can see
6:31 am
off coastal north carolina, up towards the chesapeake bay. so parts of maryland, delaware, you're still gonna get some heavy rain and some wind gusts as well. we're still going to see the potential for beach erosion, some strong storm surge, anywhere from 3 to 5 feet. and some heavy rain in some cases, we could see rain as much as 3 to 4, even 5 inches along the coast. and then as we head up, a couple of inches along parts of maryland towards delaware and then into the northeast, the storm is going to move to the northeast and come close to or on top of cape cod and the islands so we can expect hurricane-force gusts here as well as the potential for some heavy rain for a short duration of time because we think this storm is going to accelerate once a trough moves off the east coast and kicks the storm eventually out to sea. so there's your path. category 2 remaining a category 2 for the next several hours. again, we'll see tropical storm force gusts. tropical storm force winds along the east coast.
6:32 am
certainly long island, you could feel that in the next several hours overnight tonight as it brushes very close to cape cod and the islands. can't rule out, perhaps, a direct hit but for now, the worst of the storm, the very worst has stayed off shore and is forecast to remain to stay off shore over the next several days. so that is the good news. back to you, gretchen, mike and peter. >> thank you, janice dean. doug lazader rarely gets out not in his personal life but also professional life. wouldn't you know the day that we let you get outside, there's a hurricane! >> not bad. >> that's right. that's right. it's, you know, it's not too bad here. it's a moment. you take a look around you and the boardwalk is obviously empty because of the time of day we're dealing with here but there are still a lot of tourists here in town. no one is leaving or running away from earl because it doesn't look like it's going to be a direct hit here. so we just heard janice talk about. it looks like the storm track is going to keep it far enough off shore. we'll experience a lot of wind and rain and feeling some sprinkles right now. i want to show you the ocean right now because it is really
6:33 am
beginning to kick up quite a bit and that is the concern here for lifeguards because there are still so many tourists here left in town. they're worried that people are going to try to take advantage of those big waves. and also, a lot of rip currents out there. so there is still a lot of concern here for the tourists that remain in town. i got to tell you, the surprising aspect to all of this, how many people are still here? this is a town really, ocean city is actually a town of about 10,000 people. they swell to about half a million during a holiday weekend like this and they don't think this storm has kept many people away. in fact, they think they saw a recent influx of people trying to get here in advance of the storm. not gonna stop their holiday. back to you guys. >> oh, well, thank you very much, doug. we have to get to our headlines right away because right around the corner is brian kilmeade golfing with the president. speaking of the gulf, gulf coast residents are breathing a sigh of relief. we now know yesterday's oil rig explosion was just a fire and there's no oil leaking into the gulf. the fire at the mariner energy owned platform happened just 200 miles west of the deep water
6:34 am
horizon explosion. now, take a look at this picture. these are the 13 workers floating in the gulf. i had to try to explain this to my kids last night. that's kind of tough to explain. anyway, so look at the right part of your screen there with the circle around it. the workers were short one life preserver so they formed a human chain around the guy to help him stay afloat. they were rescued without any injuries. >> good. peter? >> thank you, gretchen. explosive sound and detonated at the home of a gunman who took three hostages at the discovery channel's headquarters. james lee entered the building on wednesday with explosives strapped to his body before he was killed by police. officials now say he also had starter pistols when he terrorized the workers and not a handgun. and we now know in 2003, lee was convicted and imprisoned for smuggling illegal immigrants into the u.s. from mexico. but in his on-line manifesto, he lashed out against illegal immigrants. >> comedian and fundraiser, this
6:35 am
is his big weekend for the mda, jerry lewis says actress and bad girl lindsay lohan should be spanked. >> smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman. >> what would you say to her? >> you would say you deserve this and nothing else. whack! >> if she's not satisfied, i'll put her over my knee and spank her! >> uh-oh. >> jerry says people like lindsay and recently arrested paris hilton are begging for help. this may not be the first time lindsay has been spanked. >> more on that later. >> ok. >> but first, let's head out to brian. who is -- have you been up all night, brian because i know you must be so nervous for your huge golf match today with former president george w. bush, now i know you're not a man who likes to sleep. but usually it's not because you're nervous. >> gretchen, the pressure. >> you know what?
6:36 am
we had -- we had a long trip. went right to sleep, no problem and gretchen carlson trying to turn up the pressure a little bit because she is a solid golfer and she knows brian kilmeade is not. here's what i represent, gretchen and mike and pete johnson, it looks like mike, i'm not sure. i haven't seen him since 1981. you look fantastic, mike, patriot golf day is today. and it happened a few years ago, thanks to this man to my immediate left. he is dan rooney. dan rooney, three tours in iraq, major dan to his friends. he wants me to call him dan. but major dan rooney put this together in 2007. we're joined by jim remey as well, president of the pga so patriot golf day, it's really not about how well you play. it's that you do play and giving back to the military. what -- how did this all start, dan? >> absolutely. as you mentioned, brian, three tours of duty in iraq and coming back from my second tour, it was actually over here, strange as that might sound on a commercial airline flight.
6:37 am
united flight of 664 on june 6th of 2006 from chicago o'hare to grand rapids, my life changed. and as we pulled into the gate in grand rapids, the captain came over the p.a. and said we had an american hero on board that we were carrying the remains of corporal buckland and his twin brother, corporal brad buckland and brought him those 6,000 miles home from iraq and he went on to make another request that everybody stay in their seats to honour the sacrifice this young man had made until his remains had been removed and that night as an f-16 pilot, i saw the other side of war. the family on the darkest night of their lives welcoming their son home, their father, his 4-year-old son was on the tarmac. >> you were watching the 4-year-old son see his dad come home in a casket? >> yeah, absolutely. and, you know, at that moment in my life, i knew i had a mission. and there are 172,000 dependents that have had somebody killed or disabled just in iraq or
6:38 am
afghanistan and over 85% don't qualify for federal education assistance and so i reached out as a pga golf professional to the pga of america and we're lucky to have the president here with us today. and i said, we need help. >> jim remey, that's 2007. now, all these clubs have signed up across america to do what? >> you know, brian, we're so proud of the pga of america and all its members. the 28,000 men and women who really support this program. we're especially proud of major dan rooney for getting us and giving us this opportunity to help our fallen wounded warriors. there are over 400 facilities that will host patriot day events, parades, tournaments, all kinds of different events to raise money for these children who so badly need this help and the families that so badly need the help. >> not just those who have passed away. those that are disabled. their sons and daughters want to go to college. you've gotten thousands of scholarships now and now you also have -- all you're asking to do is go play golf today,
6:39 am
give a dollar. a lot of people giving more and more and more golf clubs have like people here at ridgewood have signed up to help out. so if you want to give a dollar, that's fantastic. you want to give a little more, that's great. >> absolutely. you can give as much as you'd like. you don't have to be a golfer to go to the golf course and do it. you can find out more at where you can donate at your local area. great program. >> the president is on board with it. he'll be here shortly. major dan has gotten volunteer of the year. he's gone abroad, the president met him and gave him that award back in 2008 so you've made a major difference. i represent all new golfers across the nation. i have clubs that i've only used 10 times. that's 10 strokes. do you think, dan, we should show everyone it's ok to come out, shell out some money and golf today for the men and women who serve our country? >> absolutely, brian. freedom is not free as we say and we've got, i think, t minus an hour before the former president of the united states shows up. you have two pga professionals here to help you, brian.
6:40 am
so we're going to continue with michael helped you with this week and you'll be ready for the first tee shot with the president. >> i was requested to hit a tee shot now. whatever i do, whatever i do, you're a great golfer, you'll be able to work with me for now. the driving range is right downtown. ready? >> yeah, we're ready. >> let's get out of the way. >> if you miss it, you have the excuse that it's dark out. >> thank you very much, gretchen. >> peter, would you at least be in my corner? >> is the ball on the tee? >> brian, we heard from one of your producers, incredible story, you missed a hole in one yesterday by about eight strokes. congratulations. >> can i have silence, please? >> go, brian! >> you can do it, baby. >> mind of steel. >> brian! >> that's brin kill immedia >> that's brian kilmeade. do you really want me to hit? >> ed a tough masters. >> yeah! >> that looked pretty good. >> looks pretty good, brian.
6:41 am
>> that's pretty good. >> absolutely. >> it's begun to rain here in texas. we got to do some work. brian, just remember your follow-through, buddy. on the left foot. >> i'm the man who yells fore when he putts. >> good thing about night golf, can't see how far it goes. >> we'll be going back to brian a lot during the show and specifically when he tees off with the president. can you believe this, the u.s.a. cheerleaders apparently from the basketball team, they were joining the u.s.a. basketball team over in istanbul, turkey. and, you know how cheerleaders usually dress. >> yes! >> you guys would know especially, right? >> yes. >> and apparently they had to pu put on a whole bunch new clothes because it was offensesive. >> u.s.a. playing iran in the basketball game. but cheerleaders, of course, wear the short skirts and all that and it was a dance team, too. they actually in deference to the iranian team and officials
6:42 am
from iran put on long pants. and when the cheerleaders were at other, you know, on the sidelines for the other games and they happened to be in the stands, these team members and officials from iran, they'll turn their back all together and cover their eyes while the cheerleaders are out there performing. >> having just been in egypt, i had on a sun dress. it was 106 degrees and i had to put on full garb to go into the mosque. >> ok. >> i know what those cheerleaders felt like. >> we're not talking about a mosque. basketball court. >> in turkey. >> in a mosque, i understand to be respectful. >> what do you think the people think at home about this? >> do you think that's right? seriously, put some pants on and they did it, though. i mean -- >> ok. >> thank goodness. >> let us know what you think about it. so we had golf. now football season also upon us. so what players should you look out for this season? the man known as big daddy is here to share his picks. >> plus credit card companies are finding ways to get around
6:43 am
the new federal regulations. we're gonna tell you what you should be looking out for and how you can fight back as a consumer. >> first, the quote of the day. who said it? if you can't win, wouldn't you rather lose to someone you love? e-mail us at friends at with the right answer and you could win some fox goodies. >> it's not brian. brian didn't say that. [ female announcer ] there's complete.
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and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra men's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emergin science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bo health. centrum ultra women's. [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. >> are you ready for some football? the nfl is about to kick off. that's why we're not doing that. joining us with his picks is the man that has all the inside details, richard big daddy selgado, president and c.e.o. of coastal advisors. >> hey, big daddy. >> i'm so happy you're here because my favorite team are the philadelphia eagles and you're big on kevin cobb, the new
6:47 am
quarterback. >> yeah, i am because there's an interesting scenario there because now he's taken over. >> for donovan. >> they believe in him and gave him that big deal and now he's got to prove his net worth. >> what about michael vic on that team? >> that's the one thing that will be a little bit iffy there. if he doesn't come through, everybody knows vick is there and they'll be saying, you know what? get michael in there. >> how many games do you think they'll give kevin, though? they stick with him the whole season? >> i would say you got to go at least six or seven games. >> i agree. >> you can't just three games and it don't work and we're done. andy reed is a loyal guy. >> that's for sure. that was your pick number one. pick number two has to do with the new york jets. a lot has been made of this hbo series "behind the scenes" with coach ryan, right? >> i think they're giving themselves we're going to get to the super bowl and that's it. they're talking a big game right now. >> you don't like that? >> no, i think, you know what? you can be confident but don't
6:48 am
be cocky. i think it's going to be -- and they got some injuries and they got the holdout so there's a lot of things there right now. >> who ended up winning that game last night, the jets and the eagles? >> the jets ended up winning. >> what do you think about all his cussing? >> i have to be honest with you, it's funny. it's football. he's just being real. >> we had a coach on who said there was only one coach in football that never cussed and that was tony dungy. >> yeah. and he had a book that came out and he discusses how positive instead of negative. >> big daddy, what do you think about the number one draft pick, sam bradford, lot of pressure on him. sam with the rams. >> you know what? good kid. steve spagnola is a good friend of mine. i was out, saw them play twice live this preseason. you know, very young team so it's going to take a little time. it doesn't matter who is back there right now. they got to progress and move along. >> all right. i am so excited for college and professional football.
6:49 am
i'm so glad this we're upon this season. big daddy, thanks so much for being here today. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> you got it. >> think we need to head back inside and see what peter is up to. >> what are you doing? >> big daddy watching you. it only took a matter of weeks. credit card companies already have found a way to skirt the new laws designed to protect you from sky-high interest rates. but we're gonna tell you how you can fight back. and a picture of the president surrounded by words like "terrorist, coddling, socialistic and muslim." what's the real reason behind "newsweek"'s provocative and controversial magazine cover. our political panel will weigh in with some words of wisdom. but first, the answer to our quote of the day --
6:50 am
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>> we're back. ridiculous rate hikes and extra fees. the credit card companies continue to come up with creative ways to get around the new federal regulations. so what traps should you avoid and how can you fight back? a trial attorney and the co-author of the new book "financial serial killers, inside the world of wall street, money hustlers, swindlers and con men." are these credit companies the new hustlers and con men? is that what's going on? why are we paying so much for our credit card debt? >> i think they are the new financial serial killers and i'll tell you why, there's a new credit card law that was put into place that was supposed to protect us all from sky-high
6:54 am
interest rates and other hidden charges and all and they're finding ways already, after just a few months to get around those charges and those limits on those charges. >> what's the average charge now and what was it a couple of years ago? >> well, you know, the average interest rates are running 12% to 14%. they've already jumped up to 18%, 19% and we're even seeing now some rates of 25% so 30% interest rate on your credit card. >> but a mortgage rate is what? 4%? 4 1/2%? >> 4 1/2%. even worse than that, these credit card companies, a lot of them are owned by the big banks like, say, chase and bank of america. they're able to lend -- borrow money from the government right now at like 1/2% or 1/4% so there's a huge markup that they're passing on to you and to me. >> ok. so we know the problem. what's the solution? you're a trial lawyer and a corporate lawyer and someone who knows how to negotiate this. what can our viewers do to protect themselves from the sky-high interest rates? >> biggest trap right now is
6:55 am
this. your interest rates are not supposed to go up but the trap is here. you have to make at least your minimum payment very much on time. if you miss your minimum payment, even by a day, they can immediately jack up your rate. so you got to be very careful right there. and you're seeing interest rates that might start up and might be teaser rates to you, say 8%. you miss your minimum payments by a short period of time, your interest rate can go up to 18%, 25%, 30%. at that rate, you will never get out of debt. >> author of "financial serial killers" and lawyer. thanks for good advice and good information today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, a stunt goes terribly wrong on the set of "transformers 3" putting an actress in critical condition. new video of that scene. and then the naacp teams up with some left leaning sites to try and discredit the tea party movement before the november elections. is this a smart move? our political panel weighs in next hour.
6:56 am
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>> good morning, everyone. thanks for sharing your time with us today. blowing through the outer banks. what are we talking about? hurricane earl, video coming in from north carolina. janice dean has the latest on the hurricane tracking it moment by moment for us. >> get this, the president is pondering yet another stimulus plan, another stimulus package. have we even spent all the money from the first one? we'll talk about it. >> and 90 minutes and counting, our dear friend brian kilmeade about to tee off with president george w. bush. they're golfing together for a great cause. our military. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm flanked by two new men today. peter johnson jr. and we have mike jarrick here visiting from philly, right?
7:00 am
>> i'm playing the part of steve. steve is on a cruise ship right now. concerned about it right now. they're off the coast of nova scotia and earl is basically headed their way. it's a good, tough ship. >> i'm sure they'll be fine and getting all the latest weather alerts from our own janice dean, i believe, and speaking of that, the fox news weather alert. virginia starting to feel the rough winds and rain from hurricane earl. it's climbing up the east coast. it's already soaked north carolina's outer banks. these are live pictures right now about -- well, maybe this is tape. but anyway, this is what's going on in north carolina. they're going to talk about the damage later on and we have live team coverage for you on the storm. let's go up to janice dean who is tracking the path. hey, janice. >> i have been in touch with mr. doocy, just so you know. he seems to be fine. looks like the ship is going to steer clear of earl which is good news. speaking of steering, a lot of people have asked me what is steering this storm? why is it moving up the east coast and why is it going to suddenly be kicked to the northeast? we have high pressure that's the bermuda high, clockwise winds around the high pressure, and
7:01 am
that's really what's been steering this storm over the last several days. but look at this. this is our trough of low pressure. much cooler air behind this which is going to bring us a fantastic weekend and look what it does, not only does it bring us a fantastic weekend but it pushes the storm to the northeast. unfortunately, it looks like cape cod and the islands still could get some hurricane-force winds and atlantic canada could also see a direct hit but for us, for the u.s., the worst of the storm has really stayed off shore. that's not to say that folks across eastern north carolina up towards the delmarva are not going to see a pretty fierce storm in its path. there's the worst of the heavy rain right now. chesapeake bay and up towards new jersey and long island and then, of course, massachusetts. here's our future radar giving you a picture of what's going to happen within the next 12 to 24 hours. there's new york, this afternoon, just kind of skirting
7:02 am
eastern long island. we will get some rain bands as well here in new york. but certainly, not the massive storm that we could have expected if it indeed continued northward. there's boston, cape cod on the islands, still concerned about you. you're still under a hurricane warning because we are expecting we could see some hurricane-force winds. there's the tra. we are going to get a new advisory at 8:00 but as of now, still a category 2. expected to weaken which is great news. just off shore of eastern massachusetts, there's cape cod and then moving very rapidly to atlantic canada. hopefully as a tropical storm so it won't be as potent as a storm for our friends in canada. that's it for now. give you this complete update, of course, at 8:00 when the new advisory comes out. >> janice, j.d., you know, with all your fancy computers and stuff like that, why do we still have to fly airplanes into the eye of a hurricane?
7:03 am
seriously? >> you know what? we can have the best tropical computer models of all time, mike, but really getting the data from the airplane going right through the storm itself is the best way especially when we talk about strength. we're pretty good at knowing where the storm is going to head. at least for the most part. but in terms of the strength of the storm, it really is those airplanes that come out and give us all that data to input into the tropical models. >> i was reading an article yesterday, it says that we are very close, though, janice, to not having to do that anymore. >> because of that drone thing. >> yeah, with the different technology. >> which would be great. we don't want to put anybody in harm's way although i know geraldo loves to go into the hurricane hunter plane. >> he's covered so many. he's going to be with us a little bit. he's celebrating 40 years. >> he started when he was 10. >> yeah. >> he definitely looks like that's all his age. hopefully -- >> he's been in the business 45 years. >> we'll watch the illusion when
7:04 am
he joins us at the top of the hour. yes, we're going to see all the different stages of the stash. >> that's great! >> stages of stash. janice dean, thank you so much. we'll be back in touch with you in a few moments. in the meantime, let's shift gears from the hurricane to something else that's big in our economy right now. i'm talking about the stimulus package and couldn't there be another one? you know, kristina romer who is leaving obama's economic team, she floated that idea in her last speech. she thought it might be a good idea to have more spending. well, now, robert gibbs, the spokesperson for president obama said probably not gonna happen but we need to do something about the economy and guys, they're talking about tax cuts potentially for small businesses. >> small business, stimulate small business growth there and gets in some jobs. you're right. >> would be an interesting timing there with the midterm elections. >> yeah. you bring up another stimulus package before the election, come on, that's not gonna happen. kristina romer, her last day is today, isn't it? she was the one that co-authored the original stimulus package and really, really pushed hard
7:05 am
in the last few weeks now to get another one. >> and they're looking at a whole range of proposals from tax reductions for research and development to potentially an infrastructure project, the large infrastructure project, other tax cuts. but they're not quite sure where they want to be because they don't want to be criticized for contributing to the -- the deficit. frankly, i'm a little bit surprised because when the -- the president finished his speech about iraq, he was basically saying we're going out to the economy. there don't appear to be any clear cut solutions coming out of the white house. >> aren't the debates over the next few weeks leading up to the midterm elections going to be did the stimulus package work or didn't it? it's so difficult for economists to decide, did it or didn't it? i believe christina romer said if the first big stimulus package was going to be successful and it was successful, the unemployment rate would have been down in the
7:06 am
eights. >> that was her original assessment. >> they didn't meet her own target. >> this is what the argument will be from the obama administration. they were saying if we did not have the stimulus, we would have gone into something bigger than the great depression. that's what they're going to say. the republicans are going to say, look, that's not true. besides it didn't create anymore jobs anyway. bottom line is they need to come up with something, democrats anyway because the elections are right around the corner. when the jobs numbers come out today, if they're not good, that's more bad news. >> unemployment at 9.5% and a lot of people say the lagging, they say that jobs are lagging indicator how the economy is going. >> how many years? >> forever! >> but a lot of people are saying no, it's a leading indicator and jobs are at 9.5% and see what the job numbers are at 8:30. >> yep, we'll wait for that. let's go back to the top story around the country. it's hurricane earl. craig boswell live in nags head, north carolina where the storm has already hit. i hope you made it through it ok. >> good morning to you,
7:07 am
gretchen. yeah, it seems like the storm that just will not give up. it is relentless here. we've only been out seven hours now, hurricane earl just grazing along nags head, north carolina, its closest brush to the outer banks here in north carolina. certainly, with the heavy bands of rain that we're still getting right now and the wind gusts in the tropical storm force rains occasionally gusting up into the hurricane force, fortunately, we are protected by this building and we're getting the back portion of this storm. we're being buffeted here right now, occasionally you'll see us grab hold because it does swing around and grab us here. couple of the other positive things here, they were out ahead of the evacuations here at hatteras island when they evacuated the 30,000 to 33,000 residents and visitors. that was a big deal because we're getting reports of flooding around hatteras village. and hatteras island, of course, they've got all of the visitors out of there and highway 12, the main thoroughfare getting some
7:08 am
ocean flooding on that road and certainly some of the rain that's been falling ought night beginning to wash up on that road there. other positive point is a handful of power outages. i'm hearing some 200 plus and now they're beginning to get some twilight. we'll be able to get out and see if there's been any damages. no reports of that so far, gretchen, we're hanging on. hurricane earl just grazing across the outer banks here this morning. >> all right, craig boswell live for us in north carolina. thanks very much. let's get to the rest of your headlines. we have to start with the fox news alert. a violent morning in pakistan. a blast during a shiite muslim rally has killed at least five people. 20 others are hurt. and earlier this morning, a homicide bomber attacked a mosque in northwest pakistan. at least one person was killed in that attack. this is a taliban in pakistan claiming responsibility for three deadly bombings on wednesday. at least 35 people were killed in those explosions and 250 others were hurt. the attack happened during a shiite street procession. another fox news alert, while
7:09 am
you were sleeping, four concourses at miami international airport reopened after a bomb scare forced an overnight evacuation. right now, a passenger is in custody after screeners found a suspicious item in a checked bag. no details have been released yet. the bomb squad has been on the scene since 9:30 eastern time last night. mexico's army says it has killed 27 suspected gunmen for a drug cartel after a firefight near the town near mexico. the scene of the battle, not far from san fernando where 72 people were gunned down last week. gulf drug cartels are engaged in bloody warfare for control of the drug smuggling routes throughout the entire area. those are the quick headlines and now we need to head back outside to peter and mike. >> no, there's a reason i'm wearing this. this is a jayhawk. a mythical bird. i went to the university of kansas. by the way, they won the national basketball championship just two years ago, peter.
7:10 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. but, you know, this is college color day. did you know that? >> i did. i think it's fantastic! >> so we can wear -- >> show your colors, everybody! >> ok, the reason why we have these colors, went to the university of south carolina, the gamecocks. >> where's my colors? >> and this here is mine, university of kansas. >> where do i sit? >> dave briggs went to c.u. university of colorado, the buffaloes. where did you go to school? >> i went to columbia, c.u. blue. they have an excellent football team. >> the lions. >> absolutely. >> but their color is powder blue. you're not going to win a championship with powder blue. >> absolutely not! >> come on, peter. >> are you wearing this stuff at home? >> on weekends, this is how -- >> what is this? would this be good? >> this would be texas, the longhorns, we have c.u. again over there and then over there is go, cocks! the gamecocks is their slogan and mascot. >> all the team heads here, right? another one for you. >> got to show your pride.
7:11 am
look at this, also down here, this is one of the coolest things. >> bring this guy to the circle. >> yeah. >> that's barbecue grill. >> that's fantastic. is that great? >> what's on there now? will you light it up or step back? >> no, this is something called game face. you have to color your face, too. were you ever a face painter at columbia? >> yeah, last week actually i painted my face. >> this is for the gamecocks. i don't know what this is or what it does. ok. >> 172 million fans and they can buy all of these things right now. >> yeah. >> $4 billion we spend a year on college stuff like this. >> wear the hat the rest of the show? >> mike, i dare you to wear it the rest of the show? >> you got it, the mascot for stanford where you went was just a tree. >> that's right. and there's a big, long history as to why the cardinals mascot is a tree and it's not the cardinals. it's the cardinal as in the color. so by the way, speaking of cardinal red, would you bring in that stanford sweatshirt for me? >> i'll bring it in. >> absolutely. yeah. >> we get to keep this stuff?
7:12 am
>> yeah. >> coming up on the show, the naacp and some left leaning groups now say that they're keeping a close eye on the tea party. the timing of this announcement is very suspicious. our political panel weighs in right after the break. there they are. then new pictures from the set of "transformers 3" after an action scene shoot goes wrong sending one actress to the hospital. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency.
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7:15 am
>> the naacp now teaming up with three liberal media sites to form tea party what is it? the site's goal is to search out racism and extremism among the tea party movement. is this charge of racism politically motivated ahead of the november midterms? we're joined now by our political panel, fox news political analyst, and "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor kristin powers and "wall street journal" columnist john fund. good morning to all three of you. all right, angela, this racially
7:16 am
motivated because we're so close to the midterm election? >> of course it is. liberals are famous for doing fear mongering and democrats are desperate. i was a tea party candidate. i lost my race but the tea party supported me and recruited me. spoke at 16 events and i do not hear any kind of racial slurs whatsoever. >> they're asking people to go to tea party and write down what they see at these ooefsevents and quite hon we don't have anything on videotape to show. >> i think they're planning on tracking it as they have been, going out and probably videotaping things that people have done but to say that liberals are race based, how is that different than people saying all republicans are racist? that's such a generalization that say they race bait. maybe they actually care about racism. >> you know, i mean -- >> republicans think -- i don't think that's what i said, what i said is that did you ever consider that actually there are
7:17 am
liberals who are concerned that's -- >> i want to get john in here because is there a suspicious nature in the timing of this? >> look, racism has to be rooted out wherever it's found. but it would be helpful if it weren't such an explicit political move so close to an election. the naacp has a proud tradition but lately, it's basically done whatever liberals tell them to do. it has opposed a lot of president obama's race to the top initiatives. it has opposed school choice. it basically does whatever liberals tell them to do and we know from marion francis berry, the former chairwoman of the u.s. civil rights commission under president clinton, she said it's much easier to talk about racism in a crowded political theater than it is to talk about joblessness. we're about to get unemployment numbers. that's what the american number will be focused on, not some kind of witch hunting. >> our coalition watchdog web site will serve as evidence of this ongoing vigilance of extre extremism within the tea party
7:18 am
movement. i'll leave it at that. panel, if you will please stick around, we'll be talking about this next topic coming up which is the "newsweek" cover. here it is. the "newsweek" magazine cover showing president obama's picture alongside the words "terrorist coddling, socialistic and godless." just about one hour to go until tea time. brian, getting ready. getting some last minute advice before he tees off with george w. bush. the expert greg norman will give him some tips? [ male announcer ] like summe it's here, but not foreer. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2010 is 250 for $349 a month for 36 months with $3,489 due at signing. see your lexus dealer. ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪
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♪ marathon will take you there ♪ [ female announcer ] kids who don't eat breakfast may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. ♪ a nutritious start to the day is essential. that's why carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast. so kids get the protein and calcium they need to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials.
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good nutrition from the start.
7:21 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." mike jarrick in for steve doocy. progress in the mideast peace talks at the white house. the israeli prime minister and palestinian president have
7:22 am
agreed to meet again. in fact, every two weeks in hopes of creating an independent palestinian state. and a stunt goes terribly wrong on the set of "transformers 3." critically injuring an extra. a cable snapped, apparently, and flew through a windshield smacking her in the head. doctors say she'll need brain surgery later today. the latest cover of "newsweek" raising some eyebrows, gretchen? >> thanks. i'll take it away from you here. shows a picture of this, of the president and then a lot of words, a list of words that have been used to describe him. but at the end, there's an asterisk, do you see that right down there? with fine print at the bottom, it says the president isn't actually any of these things. what's the point of this cover? back with our political panel, angela gowan, kristin powers, "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor and john fund, "wall street journal" columnist. what's the point of this? at first blush, i think "newsweek" hasn't been selling a lot of magazines.
7:23 am
needs to sell magazines. >> i think it's a great cover. it gets all the contradictions about obama. he's supposed to get all these things that directly contradict each other. i think it captures what's going on in the -- in the media right now and the fact that we're supposed to believe that he's godless on the one hand, he's a muslim on the other hand. like they don't make any sense and depending on where you're coming from, it's, you know, i think it's a bizarre sort of contradictory, we're going to find something wrong with him no matter what he does. >> john? >> one of the most astonishing things we've seen is an obama operation that's so brilliantly handled his image in the 2008 campaign has gotten completely off the rails once he's president. look, msnbc had a panel with chris matthews, howard fineman, eugene robinson, all liberals on munld night. they agree that obama has allowed his image to slip away from him. a lot of this stuff is junk. by not going to church regularly and not joining a church, he allowed his image to slip away from him. >> if you go inside the article,
7:24 am
they blame -- the author blames it on the right wing as to putting these lies out there as to why obama and the midterms are in trouble. >> it's a right wing conspiracy again because when republicans take over in november, you have to blame someone so they're going to blame the fact that conservatives are putting these spots out there. >> it's not a conspiracy. completely in the open. the reality is there are a lot of conservatives who call him a socialist. he's not a socialist. >> a third of democrats think he's a socialist. a third! >> but the democrats -- >> i got to wrap it up, unfortunately. this is getting so exciting because brian is about ready to play golf, ok? thanks so much, panel. well, he promised to take money from terrorists but connect the dots and that's what one reporter found out about the developer behind the ground zero mosque that in fact he did. laura ingraham joins us live on the other side of the break with that story. then from two packs a day to zero packs a day? how the smoking baby finally kicked the habit. and brian, as i just said, one hour away from teeing off with former president george w. bush getting some last minute tips from golf pro greg norman!
7:25 am
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7:29 am
it's going to come more up the east coast. j.d., what can you tell us? >> well, the good news is, gretchen, we're all gonna have a nice weekend starting tomorrow. cape cod on the islands, you'll see the worst of the weather overnight tonight. and into tomorrow morning. but then it's just gonna race off to atlantic, canada and the rest of the weekend for the northeast will be spectacular. so some good news for you. i want to point out that we're into peek season in the tropics. we're talking about earl and still going to talk about fiona. that could actually brush bermuda as a tropical storm this weekend and then gaston, that was a tropical storm and became a tropical depression, now a remnant low but we think that gaston could get its act together and become a depression and back to tropical storm force status in the next couple of days. there is what we're talking about when we tell you that we're into peak season. right there, that's peak season, september 10th so we typically see the most storms right now. quick look at the tropical satellite, still a category 2
7:30 am
storm. we get a new advisory at 8:00 a.m. we will have it for you, the very latest on "fox & friends." there's the path, keeping the center of the storm well off shore, up to cape cod and the islands, still could get hurricane force winds as well as rain and storm surge. we'll keep an eye on you, eastern massachusetts and right now, we'll go to ocean city, maryland, with doug luzader and see how ease coping with the oncoming earl. doug, back over to you. >> good morning, not too bad right now. you can see the boardwalk is pretty empty. a lot of tourists are in town because they don't expect a real full force hit from the hurricane. instead, we'll see winds and rain ramp up through the morning as we have seen. the waves are pretty big. we can probably show you on the beach how they have built through the course of the morning. that is a real concern here for officials. the riptides and so on but they think they're still going to be able to salvage a holiday weekend from all of this. and it's not going to be too bad. people really haven't been
7:31 am
boarding up windows or anything. this part of the mid atlantic doesn't look like it will be hit that bad. back to you guys. >> we have a couple other headlines for you for your friday. in one hour, the august jobs report will be released. economists predict more than 100,000 jobs were lost last month. president obama due to speak about 90 minutes after that report is released. stay with fox for continuing coverage of that. >> explosives found and detonated the home of the gunman who took three hostages at the discovery channel headquarters. james lee entered the building with explosives strapped to his body before he was killed by police. officials now say he had starter pistols when he terrorized the workers and not a handgun. we know in 2003, lee was convicted and in prison for smuggling illegal immigrants into the u.s. from mexico. but in his on-line manifesto, he
7:32 am
lashed out against illegal immigrants. >> remember this indonesian toddler who smoked 40 cigarettes a day? just two packs. the 2-year-old has finally kicked the habit. no longer smoking, thank goodness. the indonesian government helped him by providing a month of therapy including extra playtime and claims it cured the boy's addiction to cigarettes but health officials say the smoking has already caused the boy's brain to shrink and could lead to further problems. another problem i fear, though, when you stop smoking, he's liable to put on more weight. >> he's already a little chubby, chubby, chubby. ok. let's head out to brian in waco, texas, because today is the very big day in his life. it's brian and bush together on the links! >> yeah, and here's a shocker, the president is running early. and about less than an hour, the president will be out here to start off and really kick off patriot golf day and the guy that started patriot golf day to
7:33 am
tell us about it, you met him last hour. we'll see him again. dan rooney is playing the position of outside left. inside left right now is heath calhoun. heath calhoun in 2003 was hit by an i.e.d. in iraq and dan, it's about people like keith who made you say, hey, not only am i serving. you're in the reserves right now. i'm going to take action for the families of servicemen, their spouses and their kids. >> absolutely. brian, we're out here today for guys and girls just like heath who have sacrificed their lives and their limbs for the freedoms that we enjoy each and every day and that's the reason that a pga official are passionate about growing the game and look the awe, you're a perfect example of picking up this game. in four days, no pressure, but really we've awarded nearly 1,200 scholarships to spouses and kids that have somebody killed or disabled in iraq or afghanistan.
7:34 am
$5.3 million today. >> you lost both of your legs. you're a paraolympian. tell me about this cause. >> it's just fantastic, you know, as a father coming back from, you know, and i wondered how i was going to be able to provide, you know, and you just want so much to do a good job for your children and be able to provide college and organizations like this are able to come out and do that with patriot day. i'm going to be able to send my kids to school. >> i met heath in the airport in waco. by the way, it's huge, the airport. and i'm sitting there and i meet you. i shake the hand. i get in the car. i didn't even know you didn't have your lower legs. do you ever get used to it? 2003, excuse me if that's question is crass. it looks so natural. do you get used to the fact that your legs aren't there? >> yes and no. that's kind of a tough question. i get used to walking on
7:35 am
prosthetics and used to living life the way i live life now but, you know, every day i get up and i put my legs on instead of my shoes and every day, i know that i lost my legs and that i was in the military and so yes and no. >> we'll be golfing with the president who gave you your purple heart when you were in walter reed. it's a bit of a reunion and the president certainly feels for the military. even president obama pointed that out the other night. i'm at t minus 50, i believe, as in minutes. we'll go to the driving range and dan and heath are going to help me out and try to get ready because the president doesn't like to be slowed down, does he? >> no. no. no, he does not. he's a former fighter pilot. he likes to go fast and one fortunaof the things we mentioned today. and american express huge partner this week matching all donations made on american express cards so heath is why we're here. golfers, get out across this country this weekend and play golf because freedom is not
7:36 am
free. >> do it for the military service. thanks so much. see you in a little while. in the meantime, i'm going to go practice, is that ok? >> no, i'm going to help you. we'll be ready for the president. >> has to help me, too. back to you guys in the studio, mike, peter and the very supportive gretchen carlson. >> i am. you know i love you. good luck, brian. >> that's going to be great. 50 minutes away. >> yeah. we'll see it live right here. joining us now is the author of one of the summer's hottest bestsellers, "the obama diaries" who are we talking about? laura ingraham? >> i have one question about kilmeade out there, is everyone around him wearing helmets? those balls are going to go flying. if bush golfs like he mountain bikes because i've mountain biked with him, kilmeade better have his track shoes on. that's going to be a fast game. >> it's best ball so if -- so if president bush always hits the best ball, brian basically never has to worry about anything. >> i love that. that's perfect. what a great segment. i love that segment. it was terrific.
7:37 am
>> brian is going to surprise us fortunate . he's going to be good. >> this is a story that continues to percolate and new developments now in an investigation by a local reporter here in new york, you actually interviewed him. >> yeah, charles lee from fox 5. bring our viewers up to date of what you have learned. apparently one of the people that has given money, also gave money to hamas in a way, at least an organization supporting hamas. >> right. he is at the center of this because he's one of the prime backers of this site of the islamic center, he has been pursued by this fox 5 reporter along with another to try to give us some understanding of how they're going to raise this money. what is this really all about. doing, frankly, the work that a lot of reporters from national news organizations, i would imagine, should be doing but they finally find out through another group that he had given money to the holy land foundation back in 1999. now, the holy land foundation back then was not deemed to be in violation of our
7:38 am
anti-terrorism funding laws but, of course, later on, it had been revealed they were funneling money to hamas. declared a terrorist organization by our country so look, he's saying, look, i thought i was giving money to an orphanage. turns out the holy land foundation was this and not what i thought it was. that's what he's going to say. i think what it does, though, you guys is it raises one more question about -- this is the murky nature of some of these "charities" that might be giving money to this -- to this project. so it certainly doesn't, i think, clarify anything. it makes -- it makes it probably a little bit more murky. >> let's listen to what he had to say about whether or not he had actually taken terror money. >> will not take money from iran. we will not take money from hamas. we will not take money from organizations that have unamerican values. >> so the interesting thing, laura, is you have a mayor here in new york city, mike bloomberg, who says he doesn't really want to investigate any little bit about where the funding comes from and then this story comes out. is he going to have to revisit
7:39 am
his comments? >> well, i think he's doubled and tripled down on this issue for some bizarre reason, i can't figure it out but when the elite "new york times" above the fold today has a story about how 2/3 of new yorkers want this mosque in a different location, hey, even the elite seem to be catching on to where the public is on this. i thought that was interesting. >> laura, it's a bigger question, we're not going to take money but the question becomes, will you not give money? to hamas based organizations? are they going to raise money and then give money? >> well, again, mayor bloomberg wants to shut off all inquiry into this -- into this issue so it's gonna take, you know, gumshoe reporters, frankly, like charles leaf and people from the investigative project to keep on this story. i mean, because people actually are really interested in it and it's great reporting, by the way. >> laura, i bet you've been watching the world basketball tournament. >> definitely. >> well, neither has anyone else. but it's taking place in istanbul, turkey and u.s.a.
7:40 am
played iran. u.s.a. kind of smoked them. but did you hear this, laura, that the cheerleaders, the dance team there for our side, the u.s.a., were asked to put on, because they have skimpy outfits as cheerleaders are known to do. they were asked by officials on the basketball court to put on long pants in deference to the players and the coaches of iran. >> well, this is -- this is kind of one of those issues that makes you skrafcratch your head. it doesn't really surprise me given where we are and given where turkey is going. they would be rolling in his grave to see that today. somehow other countries now have to, you know, perhaps, you know, cover up because of this. it seems a little ridiculous. although some of these cheerleaders do go a little too far even for me so i don't think it's a burning issue but it's just another issue of we seem to bend over backwards to accommodate their culture. it would be nice if they did the same thing with us. >> some of the cheerleaders were bending over backwards.
7:41 am
>> to keep with the golf theme, you teed him up on that one. >> good night, everybody. >> let's move on to the next topic that has to do with a big controversy going on in ohio and other states. that's whether or not ballots should be bilingual and apparently it's passed now in some ohio neighborhoods, where cleveland is, they will now have spanish on ballots. what do you think about that? >> well, it -- the supporters of this say that, look, this is the voting rights act requires this interpretation of the voting rights act that you need to provide these bilingual ballots in places where the schools are actually teaching public school students in a language other than english and this had been applied in pouert rico but very few other places in the country. people may be concerned this is a trend that will expand to other parts of the country. that seems to cut against what a lot of pro -- open border folks are saying about, well, everybody needs to come here and, of course, learn the language and pay a fine.
7:42 am
well, do they really need to learn the language if in fact there are crutches out there that seem to keep people from actually crossing those hurdles? so it doesn't fit well with me but look, this is a crazy world we live in. you got the cheerleader story and now, you know, ballots, too. are the ballots going to be there as well? >> not to mention as cities struggle to meet their budgets, does add a huge cost to the budget as well. laura, have a great holiday weekend and we'll see you next week. >> great to see you. take care. >> good to see you. >> coming up on the show, peter? >> one city's law requiring english only is coming under fire. can that city ease the pressure by simply changing the name to official english? >> and it's our final day. i'm going to miss this. paws for a cause. and puppies that desperately need a loving home. how you can help them. don't you want that little dog right there? >> give them a home. >> first the trivia question of the day, though --
7:43 am
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>> this has been great all week. today is our last installment of our paws for a cause series and we finish the week with a special organization. denise woodside is here and nadine, officers from the southeast area animal control authority also known as saaca. this is in southern california. you flew in from los angeles. thank you for doing that, too, because we bought -- you just bring dogs, talk about dogs today specifically? >> ok. >> animals in general. >> who do you have here? >> this one here is -- >> what breed is that? >> yeah.
7:47 am
maybe about a medium sized dog. >> and they're up for adoption. >> they're up for adoption. they have several animals up for adoption. this is just a few that we actually have and, you know, they're very, very lovable. >> where do you typically find them in los angeles like close to freeways or wandering around neighborhoods, what happens? >> yeah, freeways, running the neighborhoods out in the streets and we go out and pick them up. they're all rescues to us. >> i had heard because of the recession that people are going to have to -- are giving up their dogs but you say the reverse is a little bit true. adoptions are up? >> that's correct. we are seeing an increase in adoptions. but we are also seeing the number of relinquished animals going up due to the economy. >> ok, so what have you done for the dogs so i feel secure in adopting them? you've checked them out with a doctor and all that? >> definitely. everything that comes through our door gets scanned for a microchip. hopefully if they have one, we
7:48 am
can contact with them -- get in contact with their owners. they do go through the vet television to make sure they're healthy and then once they're clear for that, we go ahead and put them up for adoption. >> people are going to say i want that dog right there. how does it happen? >> you can contact us and visit us on our web site. we're at and view our pets on-line. >> thank you for coming. if you don't want one of the dogs, at least send a donation, ok, because they do such great work. thank you for flying all that way to tell us about the dogs. >> thank you! >> coming up next, one city's law requiring english only is coming under fire. can that city ease the pressure by simply changing the name to official english? but first, on this day in history, in 1935, an unnamed category 5 hurricane struck florida killing over 400 people. in 1976, the viking 2 spacecraft landed on mars and began taking color photographs and in 1962, tommy roe had the number one
7:49 am
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>> actually mike jarrick did not know the answer to this even though he whispered it. the answer is charlie sheen. the trivia question of the day and the winner was sandy from louisiana. you knew what it was, sandy. thanks very much. >> what's in a name? last month, a town in minnesota passed a measure that encouraged official documents to be provided in english. but city council member dave roser who proposed the measure wants to make sure it's not known as an english only law. >> and he joins us this morning again. good morning to you, dave. >> good morning, gretchen. thanks for having me on the show again today. >> ok. so the clarification is what?
7:53 am
i mean, who -- first of all, who would think we'd have to be so careful in the way in which we describe this but i'm going to let you clarify what the law is in lino lakes. >> ok. well, what we passed is a resolution that english is the official language of lino lakes and that means all the official business contracts, ordinances and things like that are all going to be provided in english and if somebody needs a translation, they can get that want but they have to pay for it themselves. the onus is on the -- the responsibility is on the person there. what happens with english only is as soon as the press uses the word english only, these articles are then picked up and put on these web sites where the activists have them and then they tag them with hateful words like racism and bigotry and also with anti-immigration and then it goes out to a mass of people that are on their list. what they do is they start with these very scripted calls and things so they distort the whole issue. if you go on the city web site
7:54 am
and you look at the ordinance, you'll see very plainly what it's all about. these people continue to -- to distort it. i think the reason for that is that we were the first city and the state to do this. to pass this as a resolution. and so therefore, that they want to make a -- you know, make an example of us, just like they have done, try to do that with states that have been the first to pass different legislation, also a couple corporations that have tried to be the first to use some of the new campaign contribution laws and it's what they do is they demonize and -- >> hear you. >> try to threaten us with boycotts. >> let me ask you this question, why did you do it, then? are you challenging the immigrant population? what statement are you trying to make? i mean, i take it at good faith what you're doing but why are you doing it? >> actually we did it -- it all came out of budget, you know, talks and so it was -- really wasn't any movement of people
7:55 am
doing this back behind that. if there was, i'm not sure they would have made a big difference. what we looked at is we saw other cities around us and what they were spending in translation services. and so when you -- when you have that being done, you start looking into the future of your city policy and say, you know, if we put a policy in like now like a good insurance policy, we're going to cut the risk of having those costs in the future plus the liability that if we did a poor translation and the building got built wrong, then there would be a huge liability. >> big case on a big murder case in new jersey for that exact thing right now because the translation was incorrect and the guy may get out of the hook. good to talk to you and welcome to the club of being misrepresented. >> can i add one other thing? my sister is a genealogist and she discovered something in chicago in the cooke county courts. she was trying to get some records. she discovered two things. one is that the -- >> we got to go. >> print is only offered in spanish. i'm sorry. >> all right. thank you. >> you're full of information, dave. we appreciate it. thanks very much.
7:56 am
coming up on the show, he challenged the president vowing to block obama care in the state of minnesota no matter what the cost and according to the polls, there is a cost. governor tim pawlenty joins us next hour. >> know this guy? how about now? it's geraldo rivera through the years. he's celebrating a major milestone today. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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8:00 am
and geraldo is here. i'm not just kidding, he's here. >> peter: we're looking live at texas where 30 minutes from now, brian kilmeade will tee off with president george w. bush. they're golfing together to raise money for our military. he may win that match. >> mike: that wasn't bad. >> peter: that's pretty good. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: welcome, everyone. it's friday and i got three guys on the couch with me. how lucky can i be? peter johnson, mike is here. you remember him from "fox & friends" weekends a few years ago and geraldo rivera. upstaging -- oh, we also have is a band? >> peter: oh, yeah. >> gretchen: all the way from broadway just around the corner.
8:01 am
they're playing elvis, johnny cash. >> mike: they're here on broadway, been here since april. >> gretchen: they'll be here after brian plays golf with the president. something else upstage ago lot of other stuff is this weather alert. hurricane earl drenching the eastern seaboard. north carolina outer islands dealing with the power outages. cat 2 storm, getting ready to go to virginia. look at this satellite picture of earl. this was taken after midnight. hovering over the east coast. janice is in our severe weather center tracking this storm. >> tell geraldo i missed him in this one. >> gretchen: she misses you. >> i'll get out there. >> we know he's fantastic reporting on anything. but we love his hurricane reporting. the good news is even if he's here, the center of the storm stayed well offshore.
8:02 am
so that's the great news. we didn't really see those full force hurricane winds for a long duration of time, even though coastal north carolina, dell marva, toward chesapeake bay, you'll see tropical storm force winds certainly. you could see some storm surge as well as heavy rain. so the worst of the storm is not over, but the good news is the really ferocious winds stayed offshore and expected to for the most part. although cape cod and the islands, we're still watching you. we could get from three to knife inches of rain. there is our future radar taking you out further in time. we think it's going to forecast to go. there is new york. we're going to feel some of the outer bands, especially along long island. we can't rule out beach erosion and i can't stress it enough, we don't want to see surfers in the water. very dangerous. especially little kids, we want them to stay out because the rip currents are life-threatening.
8:03 am
boston, there is cape cod. you're going to get the heaviest of rain as well as some of those gusty winds as we think there is going to be a close brush with this hurricane. taking a look at the precipitation. again, the worst of the rain is over across eastern north carolina. overnight tonight into tomorrow, eastern long island, eastern massachusetts, parts of connecticut are going to see the potential for two to three inches. we got to still continue to monitor the storm as the track could wobble just a little bit and again, the main concern right here is eastern massachusetts and cape cod where we think this could be a brush with a category 1 hurricane. keep an eye on it for you. bring you the very latest. back to you. >> mike: this earl, though, is not geraldo worry. we got to cover it, but you wouldn't, come on. this is a whoos hurricane. >> it did graze my island in puerto rico.
8:04 am
i was very worried and now it's barreling toward buzzard's bay, my favorite sailing ground, nantucket, my girls and their mom live in marion, massachusetts. people ask me why i have been so attracted over the years to hurricane coverage. but there is risk involved. there is the peril of not knowing what's going to happen, that adventure. it's pitting yourself against an enmoment it's like war, only no one is shooting at you specifically. there is nary a storm that the juices don't flow and you look and check it out. >> gretchen: i watched that. >> you got to get up close and personal. >> gretchen: this is hurricane ike. >> wasn't this rita? >> gretchen: you would know. >> rita in galveston, texas. obviously katrina before that changed so many of our histories. it was so dramatic.
8:05 am
one funny thing i think of. if only a hurricane had come on 9-11. remember, they didn't know how to use instruments, the terrorists. they took off in boston and literally, after they took off with the aircraft, they steered by line of sight. it was that crystal clear september day. if there were only one of these weather days, history would have been rewritten. i think about that a lot now, especially this time of year. >> mike: you're celebrating 40 years? >> 40 years. imagine that. longevity has its own revenge. i've outlived 15 generations of tv critics. they predicted i'd be done in a couple of weeks. >> gretchen: everyone has those stories. i want to get to the 40 years especially to pay you your do. >> thank you. >> gretchen: let's talk about this controversy now that continues to brew down in lower manhattan where 9-11 happened. this mosque. now there is a new report, an
8:06 am
investigation bay local reporter showing there may be terrorist ties to some of this money with regard to the people involved in this mosque. >> fox did an excellent job and i'm so proud of the fox station here in new york that they are doing the kind of enterprise investigative journalism that some of the parent organizations and cbs and nbc and abc, where are they? so i think the reporter deserves all the kudos in the world. as to the substance. two points emerge that i think haven't been discussed enough. first, the reminder that the developer was born in brooklyn. u.s. born citizen. not that that absolves him of any hint of suspicion, but i think it's important to point it out. the second thing is that the guy who gave the $6,000 to the holy land foundation, it was in 1999. it was almost three years prior to 9-11. the holy land foundation was not on any terror watch list. and more importantly, what has not been pointed out this
8:07 am
morning is that that fellow's parents were killed, when the egypt air, they drive the aircraft into the sea, over 200 dead. this is a guy you would expect to have a normal human reaction to something as hideous as that would go the other way rather than toward terrorism against terrorism. i think you got to give that guy the benefit of the doubt. >> gretchen: he says he thought he was giving to an orphanage. >> remember, hamas was not on the terror list yet. subsequently became and in retrospect it's easy. but in '99, you could give money easy. while i applaud the investigation, i think it deserves extreme caution. >> mike: he needs to do what you just did, go on tv and explain all that instead of run from the camera. sometimes it looks -- >> you know something, i think this story is bringing out the worst in everybody. that's why i want to compromise.
8:08 am
that's why a couple of blocks here or there makes all the difference. i argued with doug kennedy about that and many others, what about the first amendment? mayor bloomberg, who i otherwise adore in his positions. >> peter: i talked about this and you have many times, a compromise means giving up some first amendment rights and so should the mosque developers and the people who want to put the islamic cultural center, should they give up theirs first amendment rights as an accommodation to the pain and the sensitivity of the attack on america on that day, recognizing they have a right to do it but at the same time saying, we want to be part of the community of faith. we will back off here. >> with a nod toward gretchen bringing up my 40 years, one thing that now starting my fifth decade on television, television news, gives me the sense of perspective. in a sense of perspective, i have become a pragmatic
8:09 am
idealist. i fill have that fire from my youth, but i want things to happen. if this group wants this mosque, any time soon in my lifetime, then they must compromise. otherwise with the extensive court appellate process available to the opponents, with this constant churning, the bitter feelings, all we're gog have is an open wound in the side of religious tolerance. i beg them to be the bigger party, if you want to stylize it that way, move east of broadway to the wall street area. you'll still be soho and you'll have a beautiful downtown hip mosque and a hip emerging neighborhood and i'll go with donald trump. >> peter: with your understanding of new york and the constitution, i couldn't think of a better mediator than you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: that's one of the best things you've said, geraldo. he said a lot in 40 years. we are celebrating 40 years on television with geraldo rivera!
8:10 am
>> thank you. my mustache. >> gretchen: funny you should mention that. it looks good on you. i'm not so sure about me. >> i had the mustache and i started to look like my mom with a mustache. i grew it in 1968. i remember famously in the michael jackson story -- look at that. >> gretchen: look at her outfit. >> what a dog. he is a mass murdering dog. when my son, who is now 31, when his generation was in their late teens, that was the most popular t-shirt, charles manson. people divorced the charm of the guy from the nine people he slaughtered, including sharon tate, he turned her upside down
8:11 am
and slit her pregnant girlfriend. or her girlfriend did. >> gretchen: we did not show the clip of you dancing in the '80s with john travolta. i saw that on another show and your shorts were short. look at his shorts! oh, my gosh. >> doing "staying alive." we rapped about that day and talked about those pants that me -- >> gretchen: look how hot you are! >> mike: this guy is still that fit! >> gretchen: no kidding. i told somebody in management here that -- sorry, no one can compete with geraldo with a short t-shirt in afghanistan. still today. >> peter: look at the hair change. >> the pop culture history of america when you watch my hair. i remember so many people i worked with and g.i.'s we lost,
8:12 am
i don't want to bring people down, but it's been an amazing career. the one constant has always been regardless of where i was in life at that particular time, up or down, the audience has always stayed with me. that has been my life line. >> peter: on behalf of your viewers and the people here at fox, you're one of the outstanding broadcasters in our history and a courageous journalist and investigative journalist, advocacy journalist. great guy. >> gretchen: we need to thank amber, custom making the geraldo mustache. i would love to give you a hug. i admire you. >> my mustache! >> gretchen: you guys can get together in the commercial break. have you seen this picture? take a look. 13 workers in the gulf after
8:13 am
another oil rig thrown into the gulf but they're one life preserver short. >> peter: 20 minutes from now, brian kilmeade will tee off with president george w. bush. they're golfing together to raise money for our military.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> gretchen: two deadly attacks in pakistan that happened this morning. a blast during a shiite muslim rally that killed 22 people at least. earlier a homicide bomber attacked a mosque in northwest pakistan. at least one person was killed in that. this is a taliban in pakistan. they're now claiming responsibility for three deadly bombings in lahor on wednesday. 35 people killed in those attacks. another fox news alert. passengers that caused miami to close four concourses overnight. a 70-year-old scientist, airport screener saw something
8:17 am
suspicious in his luggage that apparently looked like a pipe bomb, but officials say explosives were never found. the airport has since reopened and authorities are still interviewing that suspect. peter? >> peter: thank you. the first direct talks between israel's prime minister and the palestinian president in nearly two years. secretary of state hillary clinton was front and center trying to push towards peace. >> we are convinced that if you move forward in good faith and do not waiver in your commitment to succeed on behalf of your people, we can resolve all of the core issues within one year. >> peter: has any progress been made during the talks? michael orrin, israeli ambassador to the united states joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> peter: should we be optimistic or pessimistic at this stage, especially in the wake of west bank violence?
8:18 am
>> i think there is reason for optimism, peter. they were good talks yesterday. they went on longer than we anticipated. the two leaders, prime minister netanyahu, president abbas, bonded fairly well. they got right down to business discussing some of these core issues, working out a framework agreement which we hope we can work within a year as secretary clinton said. the attacks this week in which four israelis died left four orphans, remind us there are grave challenges ahead in fighting hamas and other islamic extremist groups. hamas claimed credit for that operation. said it was a great historic and heroic operation. we have some challenges in front of us. >> peter: what are the challenges of hamas? how can hamas be overcome with regard to this peace process when they're apparently so willing to engage in vicious violence?
8:19 am
>> we can't do it alone. we need the cooperation of the palestinian security forces. they have been cooperating. that cooperation is at an unprecedented level. we're hopeful. we live in a rough neighborhood, as you know. nothing is perfect. we hope some day the people of gaza who are now afflicted with this hamas regime which is called for israel's destruction to some day they, too, will cast off that regime and join the peace process. it's going to be a long haul, but again, i say there is reason for optimism. >> peter: we pray for that optimism and we wish you well and all the parties at the table and we thank you and hope to see you soon giving us an update how it's going. thank you. >> thank you. >> peter: he challenged the president vowing to block obama care in minnesota, no matter what the cost. according to the polls, there is a cost. governor tim pawlenty joins us next. and president bush has arrived on the golf course. he and brian in our live shot there, getting ready to tee off
8:20 am
in ten minutes. you'll see it here. then, a live performance by rock'n'roll legend jerry lee lewis and the million dollars quartet. it's the "fox & friends" all american summer concert series here today.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> mike: welcome back, everybody. gulf coast residents breathing a sigh of relief after a rig fire turned out to be a fire, not an explosion. there is also no oil leaking into the gulf, thank goodness. and check out this photo.
8:24 am
workers formed a human chain to save their colleague who did not have is a life jacket. no one was hurt. ferrari recalling its $230,000 model 458 italia. ten of them have caught fire. that's not good. turns out the glue that holds on the heat shield is flammable. oops. gretchen. >> gretchen: thanks a lot. minnesota governor, tim pawlenty only has four months left to his term. but that's not stopping him from trying to put a stop to government controlled health care. he signed an executive order forbidding state agencies from applying for new grant programs under the health care law. joining me now is minnesota governor tim pawlenty. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: sometimes people say, lame duck governor, they don't do any work anyway. i guess you have a whole different approach to being a lame duck governor. why did you do this? >> i don't like obama care. i think taking our health care system into washington, d.c. and having it be a top down command
8:25 am
in control, one size fits all bureaucracy is not the right way to go. i said at least for minnesota, we're not going to participate unless required by law or unless it's something we were going to do as a matter of state initiative anyway. i wanted my state agencies to follow that consistent clear rule and there was some confusion or inconsistency prior to that. >> gretchen: are you saying that any governor of any state then, if they didn't agree with obama care, they could do a similar thing? >> well, executive orders in minnesota and i think in most states can't trump constitution and it can't trump an existing law. but under obama care, there is a series of things we can do as a matter or not do as a matter of discretion. for those things we're choosing not to do them. and the rest of obama care i hope gets repealed in the meantime. >> gretchen: so this is one executive order and it's very specific. but do you plan to issue other executive orders with regard to other aspects of obama care? >> we don't have any other executive orders in mind regarding obama care 'cause this one covers the waterfront.
8:26 am
but some things we've done previously to this is to say minnesota was one of the few states that had the option of opting into another part of obama care. we chose not to. they were going to give us money to do something to track insurance rates in minnesota. we already did that. so why waste their money and our time to do that? many other examples like that. but the federal government i liken it to a financial drug dealer. they give out a free sample and a free taste to try to get you hooked in and then you're on the gravy train and we're just saying, they can't afford it. they're broke. these are programs we don't agree with, so let's not go down this path. >> gretchen: the reason that you are a lame duck governor is because you're probably going to run for president coming up in 2012. there is an interesting poll that came out from likely voters in your home state of minnesota. here was the question: would you be likely to vote for governor pawlenty if he was a 2012 gop candidate for president? 53% unlikely. 37% likely. and 10% unsure. do you think that has anything
8:27 am
to do with your take on obama care or what is it? >> i'm a conservative governor in a state that leans the other way. keep in mind, this is the land of mccarthy, al franken and others. my approval ratings have ranged from 45 to 55 and for a state that leans the other way in these economic times, that's actually pretty good compared to other governors. but if you look at minnesota, it's a democrat state. to have a conservative republican get anywhere near half the level of approval rating, i don't think that's too bad. >> gretchen: governor, have a great holiday weekend. thank you for being our guest. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: coming up on the show, new jobless numbers expected two minutes away. experts say they could be the worst we've seen in months. also moments away, brian begins his round of golf with former president george w. bush. we'll go live to texas for the tee off and then jerry lewis ready for a smack down? >> smack her in the mouth and
8:28 am
arrest me for abusing a woman. what would you say? >> i would say you deserve this and nothing else. whack! >> gretchen: wow. who made him so angry? we'll reveal it next.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> gretchen: fox news alert. the labor department releasing the august job numbers and they have shown this. the unemployment rate rose one tenth of a percent to 9.6%. it's the first time the unemployment rate has gone up
8:32 am
since april. the nation also lost 54,000 jobs in august. the private sector only added -- we're not sure how many they added. we know now there has been a bit of an uptick and not in a good way, for unemployment from the month of august. >> peter: that's unfortunate. there was some discussion about 9.7. >> gretchen: a couple other headlines. explosives were detonated at the home of the gunman who took three hostages at the discovery channel headquarters. james lee entered the building wednesday with explosives strapped to his body before he was killed by police. officials now say he also had starter pistols when he terrorized the workers. they were not hand guns. we now know in 2003 that lee was convicted and in prison for smuggling illegal immigrants into the u.s. from mexico. ironically in his on-line manifesto, he lashed out against illegal immigrants. >> peter: jerry lewis, and i love him, says actress and bad girl lindsay lohan should be
8:33 am
spanked. >> st. patrick mere in the mouth and -- smack her in the mouth and be arrested for hitting a woman. i would say you deserve this and nothing else. whack! and then if she's not satisfied, i'd put her over my knee and spank her. >> peter: he says people like lohan and paris hilton are begging for help. certainly not a smack. whack! >> mike: goats are sure footed. you know that, right? nobody knows how these young goats wound up on top of this 60-foot high ledge on a railroad bridge in montana. they were up there for almost two days. rescuers used a cherry picker to get them down. now, how in the heck did that happen? >> peter: survivor goat. >> gretchen: we're not sure, but that's where you will be dispatched next to figure it out. >> gretchen: you know where brian was dispatched? to waco, texas, where we find him live for his very -- look,
8:34 am
look how proud brian is, standing next to former president george w. bush. >> who wouldn't be, gretchen? welcome, everyone, to the fourth annual patriot's golf day. it's a chance for golfers of all ages, shapes, sizes and dare i say annuals to give back to the men and women, the servicemen and women who give so much of their country, along with their family. now i'd like to turn it over to the 43rd president, president george w. bush to officially kick this off. thank you for the invitation. >> looking forward to playing with you. >> you're the only one. >> i am the chairman of patriots day golf and i'm honored to be so. first i like to play golf and secondly, i admire our vets and their families and this is a way for citizens to contribute to a scholarship fund for children who have lost a parent in combat or whose parent was severely wounded. i'm playing with the head of the
8:35 am
pga of america, jim remmy, heath calhoun, a patriot, and i was honored to give him the purple heart when i was the president of the united states. and i'm playing with a social entrepreneur, dan rooney, who is a fighter pilot who started this program and i'm honored to be with you, dan, and thank you for allowing myself to be associated with such a worthy cause. people across america can play golf this weekend and support the children of our vets. that's a noble and worthy cause. [ applause ] >> absolutely. it is, to echo my former commander in chief and i'll always consider you my commander in chief and what an honor it is. but we know freedom is not free and we're here to honor heath and the other 172,000 dependent that had somebody killed or disabled in iraq and afghanistan
8:36 am
since these conflicts started. it is a way for all of us to give back and what an honor through the benevolent nature of the game of golf, the usga, that we have that opportunity. >> it's getting bigger and bigger each and every year. so many families have been serviced already, getting scholarships to them and volunteer of the year, mr. president, that was a good selection when you named him out a couple of years ago. i guess we could actually start teeing off and get underway. is that all right? >> it is. >> good. all right. so let's do it. what wonts to go first? >> you. >> wait a second. why go before the president of the united states. okay. dan, you start off. how is that? >> no, i can't go before the president.
8:37 am
>> yeah, good shot. good to be the president. coming back. [ applause ] >> there is major dan rooney, he's used to pressure. fighter pilot. pga pro. >> nothing compared to flying in iraq, i'll tell you that. >> i'll give you that. all right. good job, dan. >> thank you. [ applause ]
8:38 am
>> heath, why don't you come on out here? heath is not only purple heart winner, serves our country, also a para olympian, carried the flag. wow! nice shot! [ applause ] good job. you sure we're not on a hard break or something that you guys can't roll in? mr. president, any advice before i go? >> take a deep breath.
8:39 am
[ laughter ] [ applause ] >> i have no idea where i went. thank you very much. all right. i guess it's time for us to go out on the course and play. remember, all annuals as you saw, whatever you do, find a way to play golf today for the men and women who serve our country and giving back. dan, awesome occasion and thank you so much for making me part of this. >> brian, thank you for being here and fox news for supporting this and one last parting shot, freedom is not free. get out across this country all weekend long, participate in patriot golf day and use your american express card and they'll double your donation and we will change lives. thanks and enjoy the round with
8:40 am
the president. >> i'm gog try. i need coaching. back to you guys in the studio. we'll have fun and check in throughout the day. >> peter: thank you for doing this. >> gretchen: what a fabulous life experience, brian, and talk about under pressure. did you hear what the president said to brian before he went into his back swing? >> deep breath? >> gretchen: take a deep breath. the president certainly has been under pressure as president of the united states for eight years and brian, i hope you have a fabulous day out there today. >> peter: brian did great. >> mike: that's a nice shot by brian. >> gretchen: the president took two. >> mike: i know it. brian had one. >> peter: brian did a great job. >> mike: he may be passed out right now, but he did great on the tee. >> gretchen: patriot golf day, so you can learn more information about how you want to get involved, play golf today or just give to the organization, you can go to >> peter: i got to go to a driving range today in honor of the president and brian and those men who lost so much for us. >> gretchen: we have a fox news weather alert. hurricane earl slamming the eastern seaboard. you're looking at fox business
8:41 am
correspondent jeff flock getting pounding out there. this is a picture of virginia beach in the storm. let's check in with janice dean in our extreme weather center. we just saw jeff flock. >> was that live? >> gretchen: yeah. those are severe winds there. that was tape. >> yeah. we're talking about this storm, the worst case scenario hasn't happened, but we're still dealing with hurricane force winds from north carolina upwards. we could see hurricane force winds as well for cape cod and the islands. there is the latest advisory, still a category 2 storm. we're still going to see strong storm surge. beach erosion. this is the latest path. friday, later on this afternoon, still predicting this to be a 2. there is long island. could brush long island and then we're concerned about cape cod and the islands that could possibly take a hit from this
8:42 am
category 1 storm. then quickly moving northeast and perhaps a direct hit on atlanta, canada. it's not over yet. but we didn't see the worst case scenario, which is good news, but we will continue to monitor the storm and bring you the very latest. back to you gretchen, mike and peter. >> gretchen: earlier i said there was a secret about mike jarrett when i started at fox, you were the nicest person in the world to me. >> mike: that was the secret? >> gretchen: i miss you not being here any more. >> we love you, come back. >> gretchen: that's all the secrets i have. coming up, a live update on conditions along the coast when we come back. plus, one of the hottest shows on broadway. >> mike: it is called million dollars quartet. ♪ .
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> coming up this weekend, are employers getting the final say on medical marijuana? how workplace policies may actually trump state law. we'll have that story. plus is there a down side to raising nice kids? why most parents may be on the wrong track when it comes to teaching their children. also a mother of three has a side job as an escape artist. a female houdini here live on our plaza to perform one of those death defying stunts. and clayton and allison return, we hope if that hurricane allows. >> gretchen: a fox news weather alert. hurricane earl creeping up the eastern seaboard, leaving floods, power outages all over the place. so far no reports of injuries in north carolina or virginia, which has seen the brunt of the storm. let's go to avalon, new jersey
8:47 am
where steve keely from our affiliate joins us. hey, steve. >> gretchen, we're 100 miles south of you up in manhattan, right straight down the coast. this is as bad as it's been all day. this isn't too bad at all. a lot of people think that is just another morning on the beach here. you can see the lifeguard stands are still out because they expect a busy beach weekend. seven out of ten weekend lifeguards are back in college and high school. the big fear is not the danger you can see with the wind or the rain or any of the stuff that might be flying through the air, but underneath where the rip tides come and pull swimmers out to sea and that's where you have a lot of the death and a lot of the storms here on the jersey coast. the few lifeguards they'll have, they'll keep a close eye on people, keep them knee deep at most. even though we have a hurricane approaching, a lot of people walking on the beach. we've met a couple of surfers. a lot of people taking this as the big holiday weekend of the summer that it is. not letting the hurricane get in the way of their plans, peter
8:48 am
and gretchen. gretchen, the fear here on the jersey coast, at least down in the atlantic area, not as bad in september as it was when you were miss america because the miss america pageant left atlantic city. so they don't worry about it as much. they're worried some of this sea water may go into the casinos because while this town replaced its beach after all the bad storms this winter, atlantic city did not, so there is not a lot of protection if that's waves suddenly come up into the casinos. >> gretchen: that was a long time ago, steve. thanks for the memories. and thanks for the report. let's head out to mike jarrett 'cause i think he's with our band. >> mike: steve is one of my colleagues at fox in philadelphia. good to see you. i had my daily fix there of steve, my colleague in fox philadelphia. oh, since april, you guys have been lighting up broadway, million dollars quartet is the name of the show. it's so good. so great to have you here. >> thank you for having us. >> mike: from broadway to 6th avenue.
8:49 am
remind everybody who you are. >> levi. >> mike: and you play? >> jerry lee lewis. >> i play carl per kins. >> i'm eddie and i play elvis presley. >> i'm lance and i play johnny cash. >> mike: the trouble is, you're the one with the blue suede shoes. what happened? >> carl is the one who originally wrote the song and had the hit and elvis took it from him. i don't get the blue suede shoes yet. >> mike: congratulations on the success. we'll have is a number for you after the commercial break. but levi, congratulations on your tony. let's reenact it here. look at this. do we have it? >> american tony award levi price, million dollars quartet. [ applause ] >> mike: you look genuinely stunned. >> i was, certainly.
8:50 am
>> mike: how does it feel. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. i think the entire experience has been once in a lifetime. for us to move here from chicago to broadway has been rewarding for all of us. >> mike: you're going to play for us. what number? >> a medially after the break. so stick around. we'll come right back. hey, bill hemmer, how are you doing? >> welcome back to new york, my friend. coming up here, the economy is huge today. earl is huge. we got the double e's on that and immigration. why are so many would be governors making immigration their number one issue? we'll tell you all about that and watch the dial this morning as we watch this storm here. earl has been downgrade to do a category 2. but this is still a very dangerous storm. all the details coming up for you at the top of the hour with martha and me on a friday. we'll see you then. welcome back, mike jarrett. cool to see him. back in a moment.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> mike: we continue our summer concert series here on 6th avenue brought to you by progressive. here is, ladies and gentlemen, all from broadway, million dollars quartet! ♪ i hear the train acoming ♪ it's rolling round the bend ♪ i ain't seen the sunshine since i don't know when ♪ ♪ i stuck in fulsom prison, at times it's dragging on ♪ ♪ that train keeps arolling ♪ on down the avenue
8:55 am
♪ when i was just a baby ♪ my father told me son ♪ always be a good boy ♪ don't ever play with guns ♪ but i shot a man in reno just to watch him die ♪ ♪ and i hear that whistle blowing ♪ ♪ i hang my head and cry ♪ i got the brand-new half of the road side ♪ ♪ i got a brand-new chimney made on top ♪ ♪ come on take a little walk with me ♪ ♪ who do you love ♪ who do you love ♪ who do you love ♪ who do you love
8:56 am
♪ . ♪ well baby ♪ baby, going to be some fun tonight ♪ ♪ . ♪ baby, baby ♪, baby going to have some fun tonight ♪ ♪ going to have some fun tonight ♪ ♪ have some fun tonight ♪ everything is all right ♪ baby have some fun tonight ♪ have some fun tonight ♪
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